There’ll be only one Lovembal in 2020 and you don’t want to miss it!

Three days and nights filled with dance and music inspired by the traditions from different European regions. A very special time will give all the participants a very unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a whirling world of dance and music, to meet their friends and make new ones, to learn something, also about themselves… All in a friendly, cozy atmosphere.

You can expect the ball with live music, played by excellent musicians from Poland and Belgium, intensive dance workshops with great teachers and an additional dose of dancing during the before- and after-party.

Dance workshops during Lovembal in 2020 will be conducted by Sara Guia de Abreu and Paulo Oliveira (Portugal / Netherlands) and Gregory Dyke (United Kingdom), and the musical lineup for the main ball consists of Snaarmaarwaar (Belgium), Airboxes (Belgium) and Balsam (Poland).



The presale starts at 19.12.2019 20:00 and will end on 12.02.2020 23:59 or after the stocks sell out. There is no separate batch of tickets to be sold at the door – if everything goes in the presale, that’s it.

FULLPASSES and STARTERPASSES are available only in presale.

* The reduced rates – if the full price would be a reason not to come for Lovembal, please choose the reduced rate. It’s up to you to decide. Please note it is only available in presale.

However, remember that the festival is run non-profit – all the fees are covering the costs of the artist, teachers, venues and other costs directly tied to the festival production. All the organizers work as volunteers and sadly our association doesn’t receive any funding. 

If you can spare a dime more for the regular price, please consider doing so. It will keep us calmer when we’re preparing the event for You!


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If you’d like to support us and also find a nice perk for yourself – please check out our crowdfunding project: https://odpalprojekt.pl/p/lovembal2020

Unfortunately the page is in Polish and it seems impossible for now to add all the descriptions in English, so you’d have to try Google translate or use the help of some Polish friends!