This is not a festival, yet this might be more than just another ‘bal’ – it’s up to you!

For various reasons we’ve decided that in 2019 Lovembal will not be happening as a few days festival. Instead, we’d like to invite you to a series of smaller events that will focus on dance workshops and feature a ball with great live music. Join us for the second Lovembal 2019 for the weekend of 17-19th of May!


This time we offer you a choice of eight dance workshops, which will be given by four different teachers, besides of course there is a ball with excellent live music and afterparties. There will also be music workshops, you’ll find more information about them after 22.04.
The overall schedule, which may still change slightly, looks like this

You can download the essential informations about the event in a PDF file HERE

Detailed programme is available here: http://lovembal.pl/en/program-en/programme/



The presale has ended.

Tickets for workshops and balls will also be available for purchase on the spot – before the workshops and before and during the balls. 
For the workshops – the number of available places is rather small, so those interested in purchasing their last-minute offer are requested to come at least 15 minutes before the classes start.
Fullpasses were available only in presale.

* The reduced rates

If the full price would be a reason not to come for Lovembal, please choose the reduced rate.

However, please remember the festival is run non-profit – all the fees are covering the costs of the artist, teachers, venues and other costs directly tied to the festival production. All the organizers work as volunteers and sadly our association doesn’t receive any funding. For this edition, we’re also not running a crowdfunding campaign.
If you can spare a dime more for the regular price, please consider doing so. It will keep us calmer when we’re preparing the event for You!