I can’t come, can I return the ticket and get a refund?

This is not possible, but you can sell your ticket to another person. If no one of your friends needs a ticket, post an ad on Facebook event. Afterward, forward your confirmation e-mail to the new owner of the ticket. No need to inform the organizer.

I have a FULLPASS, but I will not be able to participate in dance workshops, I will only come for the ball. Can I sell my place at the workshop to someone else?

Not really. Tickets cannot be split, so in this situation, you can only resell the entire FULLPASS and buy a dance ticket from someone else.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No. Just display the QR code for your order or ticket on the screen of your mobile device. We can also verify orders based on the data that was provided when submitting it.

Can I bring my drinks to the dance parties?

Yes! It is even very advisable, because there will be no bar on-site (both places), so it’s best to stock up in advance.

In the Old Town area of Poznań it’s only possible to buy alcohol till 22:00, so if you’d like to secure some supplies for parties on Friday and Sunday remember to buy in advance. Klub RONDO is situated outside the area of these restrictions, so this doesn’t apply to Saturday ball.

Tea and coffee will be available for free on Saturday – take your cup if you want to use it. A reusable cup can also be purchased on site.

Will there be a session?

It depends 😉 During dance parties on 14 and 16.02 musicians who would like to play to dance are very welcome and if they are willing, it is possible to play some live music. Due to the rules of renting the premises for a dance party on 15.02, we must leave the room and make it available for cleaning at a specific time – that is 3:00 (AM). We also need to undo and remove the stage from the room. If there is still enough time after the concerts on the stage and there are willing musicians – we will also happily host a short session till 2:30 AM.

If you have a question that is not listed – please send us an e-mail at info@lovembal.pl and we will try to answer ASAP.