Greg Dyke

Greg loves how dancing brings out the best in all of us. The common theme across his favourite dances (bal folk, blues, lindy hop, tango and balboa) is their emphasis on musical partnered expression. His teaching builds on good body mechanics and simple explanations to help people become the dancer they want to be – someone that everybody else loves dancing with.

Sara & Paulo

Despite having dabbled in African tribal dances, belly dancing and lindy hop, Sara’s first love is balfolk, which she dances since 2004. As for Paulo, at the age of 7 he was part of a regional folklore group but it was in 2010 that he discovered balfolk almost by accident, never stopping ever since.

Sara and Paulo come from Lisbon, in Portugal, although they’ve been living in Amsterdam for the last 4 years.

They have attended classes from Alexandre Matias, Koen Dhont, Rafael Prieto, Christian Pacher, Isabel Guerbigny, Mercedes Prieto, Sergio Cobos and Anton Schneider. They have participated in the 2015’s edition of “Dyonisos à Ciel Ouvert” in Lyon and in the 2016´s edition of Ethno Portugal.

They have started teaching together in 2012 and, having developed their own dancing pedagogy, they have taught in several festivals and intensive dance courses in Europe.

While still living in Lisbon they had their own balfolk association, having organised dance and music classes, practices, balls, concerts, jams, talks and ultimately, the Festival à 3Temps in 2016.